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Allergy Relief With Allergy Mattress Covers

Allergy sufferers around the nation can tell you that having such an affliction is a miserable experience. Many who are stricken with allergies will go to great lengths to find relief, including replacing flooring (hardwood instead of carpet), removing heavy draperies and window treatments, having carpets steam cleaned, visiting doctors, taking prescription medications, and more.

Allergy Mattress Covers

However, most allergy sufferers do not realize that the hidden causes of their problems may be lurking in a most unusual place: their mattress. Sure, most people wash the sheets regularly, but there is no way to really clean a mattress. So how does one combat this allergy problem? Using allergy mattress covers is one simple way.

Ranging in cost from twenty-five dollars (for a crib mattress cover) to ninety or a hundred (for king size covers), allergy mattress covers are a cost-effective way to control allergy annoyances. Made of a special fabric blend, they are effective protection against a long list of known allergens, including dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, moisture, and even bed bugs. The special fabric keeps the allergens from penetrating the cover; therefore, the allergens cannot penetrate the mattress.

The cover is used over the box spring and the mattress (one for each), and the sheets are placed on top of the zippered mattress cover. Most of these covers are also waterproof, which makes them effective against moisture of all kinds, as well as allergens. Some are made of vinyl or have plastic linings which accomplish this task. The linings can also serve to trap body heat, making the liners seem to have the added luxury of being heated liners!

Allergy mattress covers are appropriate for any kind of mattress, even futon mattresses and memory foam mattresses. They come in all sizes, including crib, twin, queen, and king. Brand names include Allergy Armor, Allergy Guard Direct, and BedCare.

The covers are easy to use (though it might take two people to successfully encase the mattress with the cover), and maintenance is as simple as washing the covers in the washing machine with hot water a few times a year. You can even find pillow covers, duvet covers, and allergy-friendly bedding to combat serious allergy problems that covers alone won't solve.

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Posted 1897 days ago
to the guy, I hope I am not buying a chair with bebgdus. I didn't even know what to look for b/c I never saw a bed bug before but heard that they are a big big nuisance. He delivered the sofa and in about 3-4 weeks maybe earlier we started seeing what looked like mosquito bites on my 2yr old twin and my oldest daughter. I kept praying that it wasn't bebgdus. I was unable to sleep b/c something was also biting me at nights in the said sofa and kept searching the house for any signs of bebgdus. On the morning of 9/10/11 about 5 am I went in to my daughters room and saw a brownish reddish bug trying to run away , Man I freaked ,I knew right away it was a bed bug. We bombed the entire house and sprayed the furniture/mattress , but further research made me aware this was not going to be effective, so I read several forums of other experiences and decided to order food grade DE which I received 9/16. I vacuumed , wash and put what I couldn't wash in the dryer for 1 hr and then tied them in plastic garbage bags. I put DE down and vacuumed after 48 hrs and put more DE down. I got little plastic containers and put DE in it and put the legs of the bed in it. I put plastic zippered bed covers on both the mattress and the base of every bed in the house and taped the zippered area as a precaution. I of course threw out the sofa immediately. No on has gotten bite since 9/10. I found 3 bugs 2 days after putting down DE they died within 24hrs of coming in contact with the powder. Around 5:30 am 10/1 a bedbug crawled up on the beige sofa I was sitting in (I had moved another beige sofa that I had to the same spot the infected couch was in , after treating the area ) I caught it and put it in some DE. It crystallizes and dies within 24 hrs. On 10/13 another bug covered in powder crawled up on the couch and unto a pillow by my head 1 am (I am always using my laptop in that room while watching the girls and fall asleep there most nights at about 3am.) I caught it and it also died within the 24hr time frame. I still vacuum and wash and dry daily but the DE made it easier for me to relax a little. No One has gotten bitten since 9/10/11. I strongly recommend Food Grade DE for bed bugs.
Posted 2825 days ago
Informational write up. I was searching for the brands of Allergy mattress covers and got into your site. Also good to know that these covers can easily be washed and are of low maintenance. The pricing is reasonable. But are you aware of any sale on these mattresses?
Posted 2835 days ago
Hey Thanks! I have a serious wheezing problem. It worst in during the winters. I keep my house clean so that dust does not exaggerate my condition. I also take care to change the sheets on my mattress regularly. However, mattress could also be the cause is new to me. I shall take a note of this and get an Allergy mattress cover today itself. Thanks again!
Posted 2868 days ago
Allergy mattress covers. Sounds Interesting! As you have mentioned it doubles up as heated liners. I am some how not convinced because this would makes it difficult to use in summers. As for me, my body generates lot of heat and this would make my condition worse. What are the other options for Allergy mattress covers?

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