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Understanding King Mattress Sizes

As people become more aware of comfort and the need to have plenty of space, king sized beds are becoming more popular than ever. While you may think that asking for king mattress sizes is fairly cut and dried, there are still plenty of options and choices within this category.

King Mattress Sizes

Most people begin their shopping experience asking for a king size mattress set. One of the first things the salesperson will likely ask in this situation is whether you want a standard king koil mattress or if you would prefer the California king. This can be a bit confusing. However, it's all a matter of dimensions. A regular king coil mattress is approximately 76x80, while the California king is around 72x84 inches. A bit of width is sacrificed in favor for more length. This size is very popular with people that taller than average, as they can stretch out on the longer bed more comfortably.

Once you have the specific size down, you will move on to selecting the materials. There are several standard variations, including a memory foam mattress, king pillow top mattress and a king down mattress. This differs only in the material they are made of and the level of softness and support. Not every choice will be equally comfortable as each individual prefers and different level of support. The best way to know which you prefer is to actually lay on it for a few minutes. Get comfortable and wiggle around until you get a feel for how it would be to sleep on each choice. If the one that appeals to you is prohibitive in cost, there is still options. You can add a foam king mattress topper or down pad to a standard mattress and it will be less costly overall.

Finally, if you have a spouse that prefers a different support level than you, look into the newer king air mattress selections. These allow each partner to adjust their side of the bed independently. Also, anytime you invest in a high quality bed, you want it to last. Adding a king size mattress protector to king mattress sizes is a great way to make sure that your bed stays nice for a long time.

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Posted 2948 days ago
This is great piece of news. New king air mattress which allows each partner to adjust their side of the bed independently. I and my partner have different preferences when it comes to support level of mattress. With his new mattress we both can enjoy peaceful sleep. Thanks! You made my life easy.

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